How to Get More Website Leads By Driving Better Traffic

Get more website leads with these tips

Want to get more website leads? Absolutely! That’s the goal, right? 

It all starts with driving traffic, but it’s not exactly that simple.

Getting traffic to your website is the easy part – but getting the right traffic poses a bigger issue.

How do you do it? It starts by solving customers’ problems with great content, but it doesn’t end there. By optimizing your website, utilizing available tools, and telling a consistent story, you ensure the best leads possible.

Let’s break it down.

Want to Get More Website Leads? Consistency is Key

Websites are great ways to spread your message to your audience. Use them to tell a story about your brand, the problems customers face, and the solutions you provide.

A good lead-generating website should be clear, concise, and visually appealing. Everything about it should make sense, from your images to your wording. If content appears out of place on the site, it will leave visitors scratching their heads.

Even beyond the content, consistency remains important. A consistent website design delivers a far more positive experience than one haphazardly designed.

Try maintaining the same color schemes throughout the site, and that they’re easy on the eyes. And make sure your text is clear and easy to read. Page layouts and menu structures also need to stay uniform throughout.

Designing the layout of a great website is challenging, but necessary to avoid becoming off-putting to visitors.

Tell a Story, Make a Connection

One of the most important aspects of your website is the  story it tells. Not necessarily in the sense of a bedtime fairy tale, but in terms of what your business stands for and does.

Storytelling increases brand approval in the eyes of your audience, but it’s far more powerful than one might realize. Research has shown storytelling as up to 22 times more likely to be remembered than simple facts.

Your story should create an emotional response in your customers. Acknowledge a customer’s potential problem, and offer a solution. Showing customers your business exists to solve their problem is important if you expect them to care.

If you’re able to tell a consistent story with your site, it humanizes your business in a way that people can connect to. Every company has their own visions and goals, and by convincing customers to share in those beliefs, trust in your brand begins to grow.

Why Above-the-Fold is Gold

You want to make sure your above-the-fold content – anything on your webpage people see before scrolling – is clear and appealing. This is one of the most important aspects of your website.

At the top of your site, make sure you clearly let each viewer know what you do and who it’s for.

At this point, you also want to have a call-to-action, such as, “buy now” or “get started,” which gives someone the chance to make a quick decision.

Why is this area so important? Because you only have about eight seconds to make your point when someone lands on your page. If they are confused or turned off, they’ll go back to their search.

The above-the-fold area of a website is like the opening scenes of a movie or TV show. If it can catch your attention right off the bat, you’re hooked. Bore or confuse the audience and they’re gone.

Make sure to make your message clear and as soon as possible.

SEO Options

Optimizing your website for search engines is another important aspect of obtaining potential customers. You might not be the top result for every search, but every bit helps.

For SEO purposes, make sure to include potential key search terms right in your main messages; you want people to find you for the right reasons.

If you are uncertain how to optimize for key search terms, most website builders offer free plug-ins. Yoast SEO for WordPress, is a great example. Easy to use, it walks you through the entire process.

Google Trends is another great resource for this. This allows you to see just how often people are searching for specific key terms and phrases.

Make sure to use these key terms throughout your website. That’s the focus. If it’s a popular search for that’s difficult to rank for, go ahead and make it more specific. For example, instead of saying, “marketing services,” try, “social media marketing services for small business.”

Larger companies with huge advertising budgets are difficult to compete with, so focusing on better and more defined terms provides a good alternative.

Bringing It All Together

In today’s era, an effective website is almost a necessity for successful businesses.

A well-optimized website also tells a story. It starts with the above-the-fold content (your story title), then focuses on problems that people face.

Show empathy for those people and explain why that doesn’t have to be a problem. Finally, show them the way to solve that problem, and why your company excels at it.

Do it as clearly and quickly as possible, and make sure to focus on any terms or phrases to help searchers find you.

By keeping these general rules in mind, your website will soon be generating the traffic and leads your business needs.

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