Above the Fold Content is Gold: 15 Seconds to State Your Case

Above the fold content - highlight team marketing

When marketing your brand, the challenges can feel overwhelming.

From SEO, to content creation, to social media, every keystroke can lead to the next big lead – or nothing at all.

But instead of trying to master everything at once, start with something small. And although mastering a website’s design takes plenty of practice and a keen eye for design, one thing is certain.

Your above the fold content can make or break it all.

What is Above the Fold Content?

The term “above the fold” originates from traditional-print newspapers, when the paper would be folded for display at newsstands. Above the fold content was what a reader would see first, hopefully enticing them to buy.

Thus, the most compelling and eye-catching content received this prime location.

In terms of a website, defining above the fold content is easy. Simply put, it’s any content that you see before scrolling down the rest of the webpage.

With so many devices used to access the internet, it might look a little different for one user than another. Desktops, phones, and tablets will all display a site slightly differently, and so an above the fold experience will change from user to user.

However, general principles still apply.

Why is It so Important?

Human beings have incredibly short attention spans, and want clear information as quickly as they can get it.

In fact, research has shown that the average attention span of an adult is less than 8 seconds .

But that’s only an average.

That means that for every person paying attention for 14 seconds, there’s someone out there with a 2 second span. But just because they have a short attention span doesn’t mean they don’t have money they’re looking to spend.

Additionally, one eyetracking study from Jakob Nielsen found that visitors spend 80% of their time above the fold.

Adding to the pressure, another study indicates that the majority of website visitors spend less than 15 seconds before leaving. If you can capture the attention of a viewer before they have a chance to exit, there’s a great chance they’re going to continue scrolling.

And the more time they spend on your page, the better the chances of converting them into leads.

Think about the most recent websites you’ve visited. Unless they captured your attention immediately, there’s a good chance they didn’t capture it at all.

After all, it’s far too easy to hit that “Back” button and try again. People want convenience and clarity, and there’s hundreds of competitors out there, all vying for the same piece of the pie.

Above the fold content - Highlight marketing team

What Sort of Content Should Go Above the Fold?

First and foremost, your business’s logo and other identifying information should be immediately identifiable. Viewers should immediately recognize the site as your own, at just a glance.

In this prime visual real estate, you’ll want to state exactly what you do, clearly and succinctly. No reason for long-winded explanations here – the simpler the better.

The Highlight Team Marketing homepage shows a great example of this. “Get more leads” is the solution we offer, and immediately underneath, “The small business solution for…”, is what we do and who we’re for.

Eye-catching visuals are a must for any website. And when they’re placed first and foremost, the efforts are magnified. Humans are naturally hard-wired to respond to visual cues, and as such, their importance cannot be overstated.

If your company has a social media campaign, this can also be a great spot to add the appropriate buttons and links. This makes it simple for viewers to follow you on those as well.

Offer a call-to-action in this section as well. Whether it’s “Learn More,” “Subscribe,” or “Buy now,” give viewers an easy chance to take the next step.

Finally, and maybe most importantly, keep the section looking clean and simple to navigate. No reason to overwhelm a visitor with too many options right off the bat.

Keeping your menus clearly labeled and well organized goes a long way towards enhancing your site’s experience.

Bringing it Together

The above the fold section of your website is like a digital welcome mat. It’s the first thing visitors see, and your first chance to make an impression.

Although different devices will display your site differently, keeping these strategies in mind is a great rule of thumb to use no matter what.

Keep it clean, state your purpose, and offer your solutions as clearly as possible. Make your visitors happy, and you’ll be one step closer to landing those coveted sales.

If you’re looking for assistance marketing your business and driving traffic to your website, Highlight Team Marketing can help. We’ve done it for countless businesses across several industries!

Feel like you’re too niche? Not for us! In fact, as a small business marketing company, that’s our sweet spot.

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